The world’s largest social media conference exposed Stockholm to over 20 million followers



This summer Stockholm hosted Tbex, the world’s largest social media conference. Participants included travel bloggers, authors and travel industry professionals who work in social media.The results now show that over 20 million readers have been exposed to Stockholm as a travel destination on social media.

Visit Stockholm – Sep 01, 2016

From July 1-24, Tbex measured the outcome of the meeting in Stockholm and found that as a travel destination, Stockholm had a huge impact on social media when measuring only two of the largest platforms: Twitter and Instagram. Other leading social media platforms, such as Facebook and Snapchat, are not included.

“I’m thrilled that Stockholm has been showcased this way; social media currently comprise the most important source of travel inspiration and this impact is excellent for Stockholm,” says Karin Wanngård, Mayor of Stockholm (S).

“We’ve worked for a long time to bring this conference to Stockholm and we’re pleased with the results,” says Thomas Andersson, CEO of Visit Stockholm. “It’s hard to measure the outcome; we know that far more than 20 million people saw all the content that has been posted about Stockholm, and we’re already extremely satisfied with the results we’ve gotten. This means tons of readers have spotted Stockholm on social channels, and it’s hard to come by better marketing than that.”

Visitors have tagged Stockholm with other hashtags including #ttot (travel talk on twitter), #beautiful #amazing and #food.

“TBEX Europe in Stockholm, Sweden, will never be forgotten in our collective travel memories, and I for one will be back, and will recommend everyone I talk to for the next 40 years, to visit. This is the legacy to tourism that Visit Stockholm will leave online,” says Patti Hosking, Director of Business Development at Tbex.

The evaluation shows the posts hashtagged with #tbexStockholm.